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Banner Image The 2019 Harley-Davidson® Trike Lineup

19 March 2019

Banner Image The 2019 Harley-Davidson® Trike Lineup

This year, Harley-Davidson® unveiled two models in their three-wheeled motorcycle line. Each offers unique features and perks tailored to different riders. Keep reading to learn more, then visit Great River Road Harley-Davidson® to see Harley trikes for sale. Our dealership is located in Quincy, Illinois. We also proudly serve those in Moline and Springfield, Illinois as well as Columbia, Missouri.

The Freewheeler®

These Harley trike motorcycles are ideal for new riders. They are built to be easy to handle, which can make the learning experience much less stressful. But there is plenty for experienced riders to get excited about with these trikes too!


The new models replaced the old Milwaukee-Eight® 107 engine with the higher-powered Milwaukee-Eight® 114. You'll enjoy even more power to satiate your need for speed. Dart around traffic with ease. Blast off from that stoplight the moment it hits green. Leave everyone behind eating your dust. Stop more quickly and take corners tighter thanks to the braking enhancements which include ABS, traction control, and electronically lined brakes.


When you've got this much power potential, you're going to want to be on the road as much as possible. These Harley three-wheelers are designed for you to be comfortable even on long-distance rides. They take design elements from the touring bike's suspension and adapt it to fit a trike motorcycle. You'll be able to glide across the road's surface without being jolted and tossed about each time you hit a small dip.


Harley three wheel motorcycles offer a striking aesthetic. You'll love the look of features such as bobtail rear fenders and chrome slash down pipes. The Enforcer front wheel adds to the customized look. The overall style stays slim with features such as the headlight nacelle tight against the frame. You'll look great as you cruise around the open road!

The Tri Glide® Ultra

These Harley trikes are great for all types of riders, but especially those who hope to hit the road often. If you plan on embarking on road trips or commuting to work, consider these models for your go-to vehicle.


These Harley-Davidson® trikes are powered by the twin-cooled Milwaukee-Eight 114. You'll get the most displacement possible on standard Harley models. Enjoy 6-speed cruise drive transmission, improved engine RPM and road speed, and quiet shifting. As you ride, you'll experience better airflow and reduced head buffeting. It's due to strategic features such as batwing fairing and split-stream air vents to improve your ride.


The high-quality suspension on these Harley trike motorcycles means you won't feel every uneven aspect of the road. You'll be able to focus on the ride itself rather than each bump and dip on the trail. As you cruise around town, play your favorite tunes on the BOOM!™ Box GTS system. It's designed to be user friendly and easy to use for people of all ages.


You'll have no problem fitting everything you need on this vehicle! This mode offers 4.4 cubic feet and 50 pounds of storage capacity so you can pack everything you want for an enjoyable ride. You can fit everything from extra clothing to extra gear to extra food with ease.

Ready to look at Harley trikes for sale? Head over to Great River Road Harley-Davidson®. We proudly serve those in Moline, Quincy, and Springfield, Illinois as well as Columbia, Missouri. Our expert staff is happy to talk more in depth about the different features and specs on the two models. Ask any questions and receive advice about which model better suits your lifestyle, riding ability, and budget. Stop by today!